Research in Motion

Kitchener and Waterloo Ontario’s highly educated population has a lot to offer the world. Some contribute through arts programs and education while others take the worlds of business and technology by storm. For some in the research and technology fields, Waterloo, Ontario is the place to be, because it is home to Research in Motion, the Canadian company famous for developing the Blackberry smart phone. Over 12,000 people work for Research in Motion worldwide, and a sizeable portion of them are at the headquarters offices, which are located in downtown Waterloo just east of the University of Waterloo campus on Columbia Street West.

Mike Lazaridis, who now shares the CEO job with Jim Balsillie, as it is more commonly known, founded research in Motion, or RIM in 1984. Initially the company worked on two-way paging systems before developing the Blackberry, which has since launched the company into the stratosphere. It’s a public company, traded on NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange, and it has sold more than 50 million Blackberries in the last ten years. The device, which is marketed to business people, has become ubiquitous in that sector in addition to spilling over into the casual market.

As you might expect, working for the company that has developed the Blackberry is the dream of many computer software experts and engineers the world over. But it’s not just the products that make job seekers drool, it’s also the success and reward driven corporate culture and the comprehensive benefits packages that RIM offers its employees. If you’re lucky enough to secure a job at RIM, in addition to your salary you’ll be eligible for bonuses, paid training, counseling, medical insurance, gym memberships, massages, and employee giveaways. And you also get a free Blackberry.

Educated workers arriving in Waterloo looking for a job at Research in Motion have a variety of different skill sets, as the company not only develops and manufactures but also markets, ships, and supports its products. People who have a shot at getting a job at Research in Motion include business and engineering graduates, lawyers, accountants, administrators, software developers, information technology specialists, and salespeople. And not all the careers are white collar. The company also needs building cleaners, maintenance people, clerks, secretaries, and laborers to help manufacture, package, and transport the products. The company even recruits for some of its positions among co-op students and recent graduates.

Though the headquarters office is located here in Waterloo and many RIM employees want to settle down and buy a house in town, one of the exciting prospects of working with RIM for other applicants is the fact that the company has offices all over the world. Employees who manage to get their foot in the door here in Waterloo might find job and business travel opportunities in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Poland, India, Belgium and other parts of the world open to them. Employees who take job transfers often find it easiest to have a realtor handle the sale of their Waterloo home when they leave.