Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

We’ve all been facing some tough times lately with the economy in a recession, and many people are looking for ways to save money. This has led to a recent upsurge in homeowners attempting to sell their homes themselves and save on paying the real estate agent’s commission. A lot of people see only the perceived monetary benefits of going it alone and not the realities of actually buying or selling a house without expert help. We want your home purchase or sale to go as smoothly and successfully as possible, so we’ll help you decide by laying out what exactly a real estate agent can do for you.

Real estate is a specialty occupation. It takes time, training, and special skills to do right. If you don’t have that knowledge and ability, it’s best to hire someone who does or you’ll be feeling your way in the dark. If you’re an intelligent professional, you might know banking like the back of your hand, or hold an advanced degree in literature, but that doesn’t translate well into real estate. For instance, do you know the market value of your home? Are you aware of what other homes in the area are selling for? Are you up to date on real estate law? Proceeding on your own without this knowledge can result in frustration or even legal trouble.

When you have a real estate agent on your side during the purchase or sale process, you have an ally who is dedicated to helping you get what you want. If you’re searching for a home, that means your realtor is out there sifting through the hundreds or thousands of listed homes trying to find the ones that meet your criteria. If you’re a seller, that means your realtor is out there advertising your home far and wide, meeting buyers, showing your home, and hosting open houses. In other words, your real estate agent will sift through the rough and find the diamonds for you, saving you time and effort.

The most difficult part of buying or selling a home for people who try to do things on their own is usually the negotiations. Not everyone is a born negotiator. Some people try to avoid conflict and end up letting the other party walk all over them. Some people are too inflexible and end up sabotaging their own sale. And almost everyone can’t help but let their emotions carry them away. When you have a real estate agent on your side, you never have to talk to the other party face to face. Your agent will keep a cool head on your behalf and pursue your goals for you with tenacity and determination.

As for saving money by going it alone, that doesn’t always happen. Statistics show that houses sold by their owners sell for less and often don’t sell at all. This is because buyers expect that when an owner is selling her own home, she is passing the savings on to the buyer, not pocketing the commission herself. And if you’re a buyer, the commission is taken care of on the seller’s end, not yours, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.